Session 3


Freyja Ex Miscellanea Rekreativc
Heinricus ex Jerbiton CW
Wilhelmus ex Merinita Ranneko

Date: Winter, 1220

  • Flashback to Spring, 1220: Freyja is assigned the task of going to the Faerie Orchard each season to cast Gather the Essence of the Waters and collect Aquam vis. She meets the laborers Hans and Michael there and they encounter a hunchbacked old woman who asks to be given the water containing the collected vis to drink. Freyja refuses and the old woman leaves.
  • Freyja and Wilhelmus follow Maximianus towards the toll station, attempting to both keep a safe distance and watch for opportunities to help against the dragon. Maximianus approaches the dragon, then pulls a velvet bag out of his robe, then removes a lead tablet set with a star ruby from the bag. Wilhelmus has seen the tablet before and knows it to have several spirits bound to it. Maximianus reads a curse from the tablet and the ruby fires a beam at the dragon, which leads to both the dragon and the tablet screaming in agony. The dragon responds by rushing Maximianus and swatting him to the ground, crushing both the ruby and the elder magus. This releases the bound spirits, which buffet the dragon as they depart and scatter to the winds. The dragon seems weakened by all of this and turns to slowly fly away, apparently avoiding Freyja and Wilhelmus as they approach Maximianus. Freyja stabilizes his injuries while Wilhelmus calls for Heinricus to organize a group of covenfolk to carry the dead and wounded back to the tower.
  • While Maximianus confronted the dragon, Heinricus led the covenfolk to shelter in the tunnel which Wilhelmus had previously created under the tower and attempted to soothe them with his music. In the process, he was reminded of a song he’d heard the previous summer at a tavern in Mainz, which told the legend of a beast called Mournagir, which was said to have come from the river Tiefenbach and destroyed a local monastery.

Session 3

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