Session 2


Adain Cryf jeronimooo
Freyja Ex Miscellanea Rekreativc
Heinricus ex Jerbiton CW
Wilhelmus ex Merinita Ranneko

Date: Winter, 1220

Ignoring safe practices in favor of expediency, Adain attempted to invent an improved version of the Beast of Outlandish Size spell. Unfortunately, his reckless experimentation attracted an angry dragon, 25 paces long, with glistening scales of a green so dark as to be nearly black and dripping a black ichor which was observed to wither and burn plants on contact.

The dragon came in from the northeast and made a single pass over the magi’s tower, destroying the top level, Adain’s laboratory and sanctum, in a single gout of flame. Adain would surely have been incinerated along with his lab, had he not vanished into Twilight. Though his life was saved, he found that he no longer remembered any version of Beast of Outlandish Size and his body now rippled most unnaturally as parts experienced slight growth and shrinkage at random.

The dragon then turned westwards, towards the chapter’s nearby toll station, while Freyja and Heinricus saw to the wounded and Wilhelmus collected samples of the ichor for later study, splashing himself in the process and getting a nasty burn on his left shoulder where it touched him. After his return from Twilight, Adain flew off to calm his wolf companion’s panic.

In time, Master Maximianus emerged from the tower, walking calmly and resolutely towards the toll station and the dragon. He met the two surviving guards from the toll station and calmed both with magically-induced sleep. Adain landed in his path to claim innocence in the attack, but Maximianus saw through him, calmed him, then whispered something to Adain which drove him immediately mad before continuing his march to face the dragon.

Session 2

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