Session 1


Adain Cryf jeronimooo
Heinricus ex Jerbiton CW
Wilhelmus ex Merinita Ranneko Imaginem 3

Date: Autumn, 1220

Early in 1220, Adain, Heinricus, and Wilhelmus, frech from completing their apprenticeships, were drafted by Maximianus ex Bonisagus to join him in establishing Sauerthalus as a chapter house of Durenmar covenant in the Rhine Gorge. The area had been declared off-limits to all magical workings for two decades in 1200, following the destruction of Treverorum and Rheinstein covenants at the hands of outraged mundanes and Maximianus, having grown up in the area, was keen to set up shop there once the ban expired.

After taking half a year to get settled in, Maximianus was approached by Herr Rudiger of Lorch, who had known Maximianus in his childhood. Herr Rudiger’s daughter, Mathilda had gone missing and the young magi were assigned to locate her.

At Herr Rudiger’s manor, Heinricus calmed the girl’s nurse, Hilda, and learned that a hole had opened up in the ground and swallowed the child, while Adain busied himself with provoking Wilhelm, the master of hounds. Examining the hole, no trace of Mathilda was found save for a lock of hair, which was brought back to Maximianus so that he could use The Inexorable Search to locate her near a field far up the river Wisper.

Proceeding the next morning to the girl’s location, Heinricus and Wilhelmus were waylaid by a peasant mob in Geroldstein, where the local priest, Father Gerold, accused them of having kidnapped Mathilda for diabolical purposes while Adain, in falcon form, looked on from above. Heinricus talked their way out of the situation, then began playing hymns on his bagpipes as they left the town.

Arriving at the location identified by Maximianus, they found a faerie forest with a maze of paths which changed as the magi explored them. After encountering three hostile straw, the magi found their way into a clearing where Mathilda was playing happily with several animalistic faeries, overseen by a larger faerie who insisted that she had been unwanted and left as a gift for the fae. After some discussion, Wilhelmus told a tale of how being raised by faeries had scarred him, even as he seemed happy at the time, while Heinricus provided appropriate music and Adain, again in falcon form, joined Mathilda’s and the faeries’ play. At the conclusion of Wilhelm’s story, the large faerie offered the girl to the magi as a gift, in exchange for the gift of story and music they had given him.

Session 1

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