Task List

This page is a record of the tasks which have either been issued to the junior magi by Master Maximianus ex Bonisagus or which they simply know from past experience to be necessary for a smoothly-functioning covenant (or chapter house).

Every year

  • Collect or distill sufficient Rego and/or Vim vis to maintain the Aegis of the Hearth.
    • Your current Aegis is level 25 (strength 20, +5 to expand area from 100 pace diameter to 300 paces), requiring 5 vis per casting.
  • Each year, each magus must perform one season of work for the benefit of the chapter, for which they will be paid 2 pawns of vis of the flavor most abundant in the chapter’s stores. Those who fail to do so must pay scutage of 5 pawns of vis from their personal store.
    • This obligation may be fulfilled by distilling vis for the Aegis, creating enchanted items for the chapter’s use, or any other projects which meet with the approval of the Council of Magi.
    • The standard payment of 2 pawns is for tasks presenting little risk and producing little gain. A higher payment may be offered for more difficult or more important tasks.
  • Each season, a magus must go to the faerie pond and cast Gather the Essence of the Waters to collect a pawn of Aquam vis.
    • This only takes a day (or less), so it doesn’t significantly interfere with study or lab work, but someone does need to be around to do it.
    • The chapter library includes a casting tablet of this spell, allowing it to be cast without having to learn it.
      • Heinricus cannot cast from the tablet because of his Necessary Condition (music).
    • The chapter library also includes a lab text of the spell, allowing anyone with a ReVi(Aq) lab total of 15+ to learn it in a single season.
    • You may want to consider creating a lesser enchanted device which casts this effect, as that would allow you to delegate this task to the grogs.

By the end of 1221

  • Arrange repairs on the toll station
  • One of you should learn The Inexorable Search (InCo 20; lab text is available in the library), so that you can cast it yourself the next time you need it instead of bothering Maximianus.
  • Someone other than Maximianus should learn to cast Aegis of the Hearth without having to rely on the library’s casting tablet.
    • The library also contains lab texts for the Aegis at level 10 (strength 5, +5 size) or level 25 (strength 20, +5 size). It is a ReVi ritual.

As soon as reasonably possible

  • Recruit specialists to aid in running the chapter house (these roles may be filled either by PC companions or by NPCs):
    • Chirurgeon and/or doctor
    • Grog trainer (Teaching, good combat skills)
    • Turb captain (mediates between magi and grogs)
    • Steward (mediates between magi and specialists)
    • Autocrat (mediates between magi and servants; in small covenants, it’s common for the steward and autocrat to be the same person)
    • Various craftsmen as needed (a master brewer (or whatever you call someone who makes cider) would be a good start, though!)
  • To cast the Aegis (or other ritual spells) with maximum effect, it would be helpful for everyone to learn Wizard’s Communion at a level sufficient that their combined Wizard’s Communion levels meet or exceed double the level of the ritual. (i.e, a total of 50 levels of Wizard’s Communion for the casting tablet’s level 25 Aegis)
    • Freyja already knows Wizard’s Communion at level 20. If she learns a ritual with a level higher than 20, she will automatically also gain Wizard’s Communion at the same level for free. (This is due to her Mercurian Magic Virtue.)
    • The library has a lab text for Wizard’s Communion at level 10 and it is a MuVi spell.
      • If you want it at other levels, Freyja can create a new lab text of this spell at any level up to the level she knows it at. In one season, a magus can create lab texts for up to (Latin x 20) levels of spells they know or items they have enchanted. (Freyja has Latin 4, allowing her to write 80 levels of lab texts per season.)
  • Anyone who knows ritual spells (Aegis, Freyja already knows The Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch) should seriously consider a level of mastery (the skill “(Spell) Mastery” at 1, costing 5 XP) to reduce the risk of botching them.
    • When using raw vis in spellcasting, you get 1 extra botch die per pawn of vis used. Ritual spells require 1 pawn per magnitude, so Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch, a level 20 ritual, requires 4 pawns for 4 extra botch dice. Mastered spells, however, have no chance to botch when cast under relaxed circumstances, even if vis is used. (Mastery also gives other bonuses, but “no chance to botch” is the important one for ritual spells.)

Task List

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