Sauerthalus Chapter House

A chapter house belonging to Durenmar covenant, located on the Tiefenbach river near the Rhine Gorge. The entire area enjoys a level 5 Magic Aura unless noted otherwise.

Wizards’ Tower

This tower was originally created in early 1220 by Maximianus ex Bonisagus casting Conjuring the Mystic Tower. It is a fairly plain round tower of unadorned stone, originally eight stories above ground and two basement levels below, with each level 30 feet in diameter, perfectly sized for a magus’ sanctum, including a lab and living quarters. The tower has a level 6 Magic Aura.

In the winter of 1220, a dragon attack destroyed the uppermost level, including the lab where Adain Cryf ex Bjornaer was doing experimental spell research.

Level Contents
8 Ruined
7 Maximianus ex Bonisagus’ sanctum
6 Freyja Ex Miscellanea’s sanctum
5 Heinricus ex Jerbiton’s sanctum
4 Wilhelmus ex Merinita’s sanctum
3 Visiting magus quarters
2 Library, council chamber
1 Chapter hall
B1 Mundane supply storage for the magi (or Wilhelmus ex Merinita’s sanctum?)
B2 Treasury and vis stores


Available Funds: £32


  • Road tolls (£32/year, contraction, requires £3 in repairs)
  • Cider production (£40/year, status quo)


Total Inhabitants: 53 (5 magi, 8 grogs, 10 servants, 30 laborers)
Total Expenses: £89

Buildings Consumables Labs Provisions Tithes1 Wages Arms Writing Materials
14 18 5 22 7 18 1 5

1 10% of income to Durenmar


  • Superiors (Major) – Maximianus ex Bonisagus, Durenmar
  • Monster (Minor) – A magic dragon
  • Protector (Minor) – The Faerie Orchard
  • Regio (Major) – Magic; home of the dragon and other assorted creatures which sometimes come out and cause trouble
  • Road (Minor)


  • Aura (Minor x2, Major x1) – Magic aura 5 overall and 6 in a specific area
  • Fortification (Minor) – Low stone wall around the core covenant and fortified toll station
  • Hidden Resources (Minor) – 250 build points unspent
  • Healthy Feature (Minor) – Drinking the local cider regularly gives an additional +1 Living Conditions modifier
  • Building (Minor) – Wizards’ tower


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