Maximianus ex Bonisagus

Master magus Bonisagus, focused on magical research. Specialized in Intellego magic, but also very strong with Corpus. An excellent instructor, but he prefers to teach as an author instead of interacting with others directly. His control over his spells is remarkable, with the ability to both modify them on the fly and to terminate their effects at will. Does not appear to age at all. (Standard Hermetic longevity rituals greatly slow aging, but do not stop it entirely.)

Senior magus of Sauerthalus chapter house, Durenmar covenant.

Votes with his own sigil and that of his parens, Mauricius ex Bonisagus.

  • Winter 1220: Used an enchanted tablet with several spirits bound to it to drive off a dragon which attacked Sauerthalus, but was mortally wounded in return.

Maximianus ex Bonisagus

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